Are 16×7 Garage Doors Worth of Your Money?

Garage doors are crucial for securing privacy and contents in a garage. A good garage door is one with high quality and durability so the thieves cannot break in easily. However, such tough doors are expensive, which is why people with low budget often remain stingy on their product selection, which can be a bit troublesome later on. There’s something called 16×7 garage doors which you need to understand about. This article is all about them.

Features of 16×7 Garage Doors

16×7 garage doors are one of the most common sizes of garage doors available and used in USA, Canada, EU, and pacific regions. Here are some features you should know about them:

  • The term 16×7 means 16 inches wide and 7 inches height. These panels are joined together to make a door. The individual pieces are called door panels. The door panels when slide upwards, run through the axle parallel to the ceiling when the door is open. Such phenomenon demands the door to be curved a bit, which is achieved with the help of door panels that have joints between each, which make it possible for the door to curve a bit at the ceiling.
  • The door panels can be made of aluminum, wood, or other metals. The most common ones are wood or aluminum. Those with good budget often go for steel ones, but they will make a lot of noise if the axles or the tracks of the garage doors are not clean.

Where Can I Use 16×7 Garage Doors?

As the name suggests, garage doors are meant for garage purposes, but still, there can be several more instances where a garage door might come into action, and this section puts some light on them:

  1. At your home garage.
  2. At a garage in your office. If you own a commercial building, you might want to build a garage for your car parking. That’s where you can use them.
  3. If you own a private piece of land and have a paid parking there, you can offer personal or private parking space for people where you can secure their vehicles behind a garage door.

Where Can I Find 16×7 Garage Doors?

Now, if you’re wondering where can I find these garage doors or perhaps garage door panels, the best place is Bestar. It’s known for quality products when it comes to garage doors. Below are some salient features and the reasons why you should go for this particular brand.

  • Bestar has a wide range of products. It doesn’t matter what your requirement is, there’s always some or the other product for your taste and preferences.
  • Bestar can also offer repair and installation service if needed. So you don’t have to hassle with the labor arrangement since you’ll get everything under one roof at Bestar.


So, if you’re wondering whether or not 16×7 garage doors are worth it, it’s safe to conclude that yes they are. You should buy them since they’re worth every penny owing to its features and great usability. So far you also saw where you can use a garage door in different places. Then if you’re looking for garage doors that are worth it the only sensible option is Bestar.