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The polluting elite: Research spotlights why the climate needs ‘radical’ lifestyle changes

From banning private jets and yachts to cutting back on meat-eating, researchers this month urged the world’s major economies to adopt “radical” policies to limit the impact of luxury lifestyles on global warming – even if they prove unpopular. Today’s “lifestyle” carbon footprints in the...

Everything You Need to Know About Orange Wigs

"The wigs discovery in the beauty and fashion world is a critical concept that the brains behind the discovery cannot be thanked enough. Imagine had it not been for the wigs, how would you be handling your rough mornings to work – when everything...

Making Your Bamboo Fence More Eye-Catching

The appearance of the material that adds value to your property can be improved by staining your bamboo fence, bamboo poles, or bamboo panels. How? The stain gives the original color of your bamboo fence a more luxurious and natural appearance, bringing out its...