How to Melt The Lace Over A Lace Closure Wig

Wearing a lace closure wig these days seems like an achievement in your wig-wearing career. Realistically, lace closure wigs are very appealing, and you can not resist one if you have the money to buy a lace closure wig. One of the major perks of a lace closure wig is how it sits naturally on your head. While you are wearing a lace closure wig, it is hard for anyone to notice the wig. People hardly notice it’s a wig because of the lace of the closure wigs. Sometimes, however, the same lace may cause other problems for you and make the wig more obvious.

In this case, all you need to do is get rid of the lace causing the problems. Usually, to cut off problematic laces in closure wigs, you need to follow strict processes; if not, you may notice yourself spoiling your wig. In most cases, it’s usually better to call on your stylist or an expert to do the job. But if you don’t have access to any professionals, you can have a go yourself. However, you have to follow the steps we will be explaining in this guide strictly;

Wear the wig on a wig cap

Before you can think of melting the protruding lace in your closure, ensure you’re wearing your wig on a wig cap. By doing this, you are sure of where your hairline starts from, and you don’t go cutting the lace unnecessarily.

Put on the wig to the place you want the hairline

That you have worn a wig cap does not mean you should start cutting immediately. You need to ensure your hairline begins exactly where you want it to begin. To do this, you may need a second party to help you check, or you ensure you’re sitting in front of a mirror. Ensure you check all the edges to confirm.

Hold your wig with a freeze spray and blow dryer

A freezing spray is a cold liquid that will help you keep the wig in place while you work on the lace front. It may be extremely cold, so you have to get ready. As much as possible, try to target the lace in front of the wig, and the spray should touch your scalp more than it reaches the forehead. After using the freeze spray, you will need a blow dryer to ensure your wig stays on the hairline.

Wear a wrap strip and remove after a few minutes

The wrap strip has two main jobs; one to hold your hair together, and secondly, to protect your hair. It’s a strip made out of paper, so all you need is to place it at the center close to your hairline. You can still wear the wrap strip even after the process.

Cut the remaining lace with scissors

At this time, the excess lace in the front of your wig should be very clear. With scissors, you can easily cut. However, we don’t advise that you cut the lace on your own because of the cut style. If you want to cut it straight, it’s easy, but most heads do not have a straight line. Instead, it is better to cut it in a zigzag fashion, which will be hard for you.


If you have followed the process above, you can easily melt your excess lace on the wig. However, we strongly advise that you ensure you allow another person to cut for you.