Is It Compulsory to Have a Detergent When Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way of cleaning your home and car. It involves blasting a stream of water at high pressure against the surface that you want to clean. At times the water gets heated to almost 200 degrees Fahrenheit so that it can melt the grease and grime on the surface quickly. This guarantees a perfect output on the cleaned surface.

The good thing about pressure washing is that it does not involve using any harsh chemicals. It can be a very quick process if you know what you are doing and it does not require much effort on your part because all you need to do is hold the hose in one hand while pointing it at the surface that you want to clean.

If you have never done this before, there are some things that you need to keep in mind so that you do not damage your property or yourself while doing so. One of these things is whether or not it is compulsory to have a detergent when pressure washing?

Are Detergents a Necessity?

The answer to this question is YES, it is compulsory to have a detergent. You see, the detergent helps in removing the dirt and grease from the surfaces.

However, without the detergent, you will not be able to achieve the best results when pressure washing because it usually leaves streaks of dirt on the surface. Therefore, you should always use a detergent when pressure washing.

Advantages of Using Detergents in Pressure Washers

The thing about pressure washers is that they require some maintenance every once in a while in order to work properly. One thing that should be done periodically is adding detergent to the machine. Detergent will help remove stains and dirt from surfaces which can be difficult for just water alone. Here are some advantages of using detergents in pressure washers:

  • They help remove grease and oil stains on concrete without damaging the surface.
  • Detergents can be used on any type of surface, such as wood or metal, without damaging them.
  • They can clean more efficiently than just water alone because they contain surfactants which reduce surface tension so that dirt can be removed easier.
  • Detergents are great for removing mildew and mold stains on outdoor surfaces like decks or patios.
  • They help keep your equipment clean by reducing buildup on nozzles or hoses over time.
  • Detergents are also effective at killing bacteria which may take advantage of the excessive wet condition in the tank.

Disadvantages of Using Detergents in Pressure Washers

Using detergents when power washing may harm the environment because they are washed down drains along with the waste water from the pressure washer. Detergents that contain phosphates are particularly harmful because they cause algae blooms in lakes and rivers when they reach waterways.

Detergents can also be abrasive and if you use too much or apply it improperly it can leave scratches or marks on your surface.

It takes longer to do the job. You have to spend time mixing the detergent in order for it to be applied properly.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages, what you need is an elaborate guidance on when to use and when not to use. At the same time you also need a proportional guidance when using the same. These are only available with the Giraffetools collection. Visit the site today and learn more.