Reasons to Purchase Handheld Shower Heads

A handheld shower is an amazing addition to the bathroom fixtures. A combination makes these showers of hose and shower heads. The shower heads are usually attached at the end of a long flexible hose to maximize the showering range.

A handheld shower head has covered all the limitations of traditional fixed shower heads. Even though fixed shower heads have their popularity and sustainability in the market, there are many applications where handheld shower heads provide the ideal solution.

Choosing the appropriate shower head for your bathroom can be a daunting experience. But to make this decision a lot easier for you here, we have a list of reasons why you should choose handheld showers over any other type;

#1 Wide Area Coverage

The hand held shower heads usually have a flexible hose long enough to cover a large area. These shower heads are ideal for both showering and bathing. By using handheld shower heads, you can also wash all the unreachable parts of your body.

#2 Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike all other wall or ceiling-mounted shower heads, handheld shower heads are easier to clean and maintain. These shower heads are reachable to clean whenever you want. And the best thing is that you don’t need to remove these heads from the water pipe.

#3 Great For Disabled, Elders, and Kids

If you have kids, elders, or special family members that cannot take a shower by standing for long, install a handheld shower head in your bathroom. The handheld shower is best if the person is using a bathtub, chair, or other material to sit while taking a bath.

#4 Pets Showering Solution

Showering is not limited to family members; your furry friend also needs a regular shower. However, these friends are not patient enough to stay in one place while taking a bath, and it’s not like you can take a shower everywhere.

In such situations, handheld showers save you from hassle. These showers are ideal for pets and you don’t have to adjust the height, length and coverage of the shower head every time.

#5 Multiple Applications

The handheld shower heads are not limited to showering; you can also use them to take a bath or wash your bathroom. We all know that it is hard to clean the bathroom as modern bathrooms do not have rubber hoses.

So, in those cases, the handheld shower heads can easily reach the corners of the bathroom for cleaning and daily rinsing.

#6 Adjustable Heights

A handheld shower head is among those few designs where you can easily adjust the shower height according to requirements. Mostly the handheld shower heads come up with sliding bars or height adjusting pipes that make this job easier for you.


Besides all the above-listed features, handheld shower heads also offer a dual head system where you can enjoy the combined showering experience with your family. For innovative and first-rate handheld shower heads, you can check the Declinko shower collection, which offers a massive range of shower heads within almost every material, design, size, and price. So, don’t miss the opportunity and visit the Declinko website now. So, no more waiting and bring these fantastic shower heads home.