Various Types of Kitchen Knives You Need

There are various types of kitchen knives available on the market. They are meant to perform different applications. For instance, a knife that may be effective in cutting meat, might not be suitable for cutting fruits. That explains why you should choose the appropriate type of imarku 16-piece knife set depending on the cooking job. These are the various types of knives, their tasks, and the sorts of foodstuff they are suited for.

Chef Knife

This is also called the cook’s knife. It has a broad, long blade with a straight edge. Its curved blade makes it easy to rock forward and back on the chopping board. This makes it a great tool for dicing and chopping multiple vegetables at a go. The design makes it ideal for heavy-duty chopping. You can use it to cut harder foods, such as onions and potatoes.

Utility Knife

This type of knife is similar to the chef knife, but it is slimmer and smaller. It has a sharp tip that tapers towards the spine and is suitable for intricate work. You will find this knife perfect for chopping smaller vegetables and foods, such as shallots. If you need precision cutting, then look no further.

Paring Knife

This type of knife has a slim blade with a pointed tip. Since it is lightweight, it allows easy handling especially when performing delicate work. You can use this knife to chop, slice, and cut vegetables and fruits.

Bread Knife

The bread knife is designed with a serrated edge. It is ideal for cutting softer items. You can use it to cut all types of bread, such as bread rolls, bagels, crusty bread, and baguettes. The grooved edge makes it easier to cut softer textures. It can also be used as a cake leveler.

Carving Knife

This type of knife has a slim, tapered point. It is also known as a slicing knife. The narrow width produces less drag when it cuts through. Thus, you can be assured of uniform slices. You can use it to cut larger vegetables and fruits, such as courgettes and melons. Its thin blades make it suitable for cutting cakes.

Butcher Knife

This type of knife is also called cleaver. It has a rectangular, flat-shaped blade. You can find this knife available in different sizes depending on the intended use. Ideally, they are the heaviest, broadest knives. You can use it to cut meat into small portions. There is no better knife for prepping raw meat.

Boning Knife

This knife features a slim blade with a pointed tip. It is rigidly constructed and suitable for cutting delicate meat. Its slim blade and pointed tip make it the best option for cutting meat around the bone. Also, you can use it to cut the cartilage. The boning knife is designed to be maneuverable and lightweight. This means it is easy and comfortable to use.

Fish Knife

Ideally, there is no specific knife known as a fish knife. However, you can think of it as a knife designed for preparing seafood. You can also use this knife for descaling and filleting. If you like making sushi, this is the right knife you need.